Bricks and Beyond

Using Bricks and fun to explore
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math  (S.T.E.M.)



Classes can be offer at your location if you have 10-15 students and a Principal's permission.

Our curriculum is built upon challenges and once a students completes a successful number of challenges, they can move on to the next challenge. Classes run throughout the year and students can join at any time.

How does Robotics Enrichment benefit your school & community

For increasing the awareness to the intricate, but ubiquitous applications
of robotics.  
  • For inspiring and encouraging students to pursue interests Science,
  • Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) in elementary,
  • middle school and high school.
  • For strengthening competency in STEM.
  • For opening opportunities to regional robotic competition.
  • Increased Awareness and interests in robotics technology among the
  • students will inherently get parents and business in the community
  • involved in a long term commitment. 

What our programs offer

We provide both comprehensive as well as introductory level in enrichment

to both and conventional schools. All enrichment programs tailored to the

requested grade level and time frame.

Key Activities

  • Focus on grade appropriate conceptual engineering concepts
  • Rudimentary and more complex robotics exploration activities with
  • LEGO® and LEGO® robotics components such as WEDO and other
  • exciting machines.
  • Learn through a highly encapsulated and intuitive Graphics User interface
  • based programming commands.
  • Engage in small contests from time to time.
  • Work cooperatively with team members to develop and carry out a plan,
  • and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Additional Challenge Event:
We can organize an Intra-school robotics teams Competition Event with

invitation to school officials and parents. 

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