Bricks and Beyond

Using Bricks and fun to explore
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math  (S.T.E.M.)


Program Descriptions

Robotics 0.1:  Students build both simple and complex models using LEGO® bricks and other fun materials. This class is designed to introduce basic engineering concepts which are necessary for the advanced Robotics classes. Class age varies depending on coarse material.

Robotics 1.0:  This class is designed for 5 and 6 year olds who love LEGO® bricks and want to learn about Robotics, but want mom and/or dad around.  Parents will be required to accompany and build with their child. (Please contact Bricks and Beyond, we customize the meeting times for families).

Robotics for Beginners 1.1:  Working in teams of two, students will use LEGO® WeDo Education software to build working LEGO® models. A variety of gears, pulley systems, motors and sensors are integrated with icon-based software that allows students to quickly learn to program their creations.  The basics of programming, engineering and building are introduced. Facilitators present both programming and building challenges as the student grows in their understanding of basic robotics.  Ages 6 to 10

Robotics for Beginners 1.2: Working in teams of two, students use what they have learned in Robotics 1.1 and take their skills to the next level.  Using LEGO® WeDo Bricks and software students will build more complex models and programs.  Students will use their own creativity to complete the task presented.  The facilitator coaches the student to problem solve and develop a deeper understand of the construction and programming of their model. Students must have completed Robotics for Beginners 1.1. Ages 7 to 11

 Robotics Mechanical 2.0:  Using LEGO® Technics, this class is designed to equip students with an enhanced understanding of compression, motors, torque, and gear rations. Students will modify and design moving remote control vehicles.  Students must have completed Robotics for Beginners 1.1.  Ages 7-11

 Robotics Engineering 3.0 (Mindstorms 1): LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education – Students aged 10 to 12 learn to design, program and control fully-functional models. They use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions for a variety of life-like robotic behaviors. Activities are designed to cover the basic and provide a foundation for future projects. Learning outcomes are: understanding pre-programmed locomotion, simple linear programming, engineering process, thresholds, sensor usage, and much more. Class size is limited. Ages 10-12.  


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